26 February, 2010

{this moment}*

*idea from Soulemama

25 February, 2010

A winter's day

The trees, from underneath, while snowshoeing..
the kids, trying to make a human snowman..
What a wonderful day we had yesterday. The boys proved they were not too old to go outside and play, and I got to spend two hours being reacquainted with an old frind, my snowshoes. Such heavy snow as we had made for slow going, but I'd finished my homework, and was in no hurry. A good lunch when I got home, and more of the kids going back outside, made perfect conditions for a quiet hot shower and a little nap. Being home for dinner was a treat as well, usually I'm in class at 6:00. So dinner with the family, beeswax candles and all, and now they're back to school, so a quiet morning is now to be had. I'll take it, as quiet is a rare and precious commodity in these parts.

24 February, 2010

Snow Day...

A little bit of breakfast...
someone else doing the hard work...

lots of snow....

a little Spring peeking out....
all equals a Snow Day! No school for the boys, and no work for me. Seeing as I work in a school, that does make sense, but its still nice. The only thing was that after the 5:30 am call from the school, and the 6:15 call from work, I erally couldn't get back to sleep. But as I am now up before the rest of my house, I will enjoy the peace and quiet,and have my tea. I'm betting my class will be cancelled tonite as well, which will make for a bit of a nice break, I need to get some papers finished up. I didn't do a thing on them yesterday, but I did get a box together to send to Leanne, of Little House Mouse. ( I really need to learn how to make my links work!) She and I were partnered in the Vintage Swap, hosted by Heather of Shivaya Naturals. The first of March is kind of sneaking up on me, but it'll go out today, yay! Our post office is open in town after 6 months of being closed due to fire damage. No more going to the next town, with its big post office/court building, and little tiny parking lot!Plus, I am going to go snowshoeing this afternoon, I haven't had the snow to go since December. I am ready for Spring, but I guess Winter can stick around a little while longer, as long as March goes out like a lamb.

20 February, 2010

reason # 1306 to have a Dutch oven

This Dutch oven, in fact. This very one, Carribean Blue, Le Creuset, 5 1/2 quart. I was making the Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast, and as I was reading the directions, it told me to use my Dutch oven. ( By the way, if you do not have a copy of her cookbook, get one.Right now. She's amazing.)Not having one, I sighed, and proceeded to improvise. I do that so very well. And while it will undoubtedly come out fine( and if not, it will be my fault, not hers), I am sure it would have tasted better coming out of that wonderfully blue Dutch Oven. I am saving all my pennies for this( yes really! actual pennies!)and someday it will sit in my cupboard, at the ready for risotto, soup, bread, and oh yes, pot roast.

edited to add:: PW Pot Roast=YUM!

16 February, 2010

is it Summer yet?

So, this is not what it looks like at my house right now. Nor does it depict anything that I have done recently, like going to Boston (to see Harry Potter). Still haven't managed to get those pics off my camera, eveen though there's not much to see, as we couldn't take pictures in the Exhibition itself( stupid copyright). But to be able to see the actual items from the movies, it was beyond amazing. As is my sister Sarah, who arranged the whole thing( and drove in Boston. I just couldn't have done it. We'd still be there.) The clothes, books, wands, props, classrooms, I loooved the wardrobe with the Boggart in it! The Quidditch. Oh, the Quidditch. I really couldn't pick just one thing to be my favorite.
Fischer is feeling a bit better now, for those who were wondering. After the dentist( clean bill of teeth for both! Yay!), we went to Petco, and he chose another little furry friend. He named him Jack. I keep calling him Jake. We have a yellow dog named Jake. It's confusing. But even this did not stop him from having a (teen -age) hissy fit about going to Karate tonite, because Tuesdays are boring. But when he has no winter sport, because basketball is boring, he dosen't get to ditch Karate as well. There would just be too much sitting around in the winter if he did, and unfortunatley, he's one of those kids who shouldn't sit around. All my logic was wasted on him. I hate to say I just told him he's going, and that 's it, but I did. I know that after, he'll be in a better mood( because that's one of the benefits of excercise), but putting up with it till then is JUST NO FUN. It feels like I'm "forcing him" to do this, but if he's left to his own devices, he will just sit there. How else do you manage the fine line between encouraging and making them do something? He does love Karate, and is good at it. Almost-thirteen can just be so fun sometimes.
Anyway, my picture is from last summer. It's snowing here, and I'm really feeling that I'm done with winter. That seems to be going round the blogosphere, so I thought I'd throw a little summer to anyone who stops by here.

15 February, 2010

A not-so-happy ending...

So. I took Amanda's advice. I got out of Dodge. Changed my scenery. Went to the Boston Museum of Science with Fischer, to see the Harry Potter Exhibition( totally freaking awesome!!!!!!!). Although it was a long ride home, that was alright. Get home about 9 pm. Fine.Fischer goes to check on Luke( his hamster. Can you see where this is going?) Poor Luke, not so much with the living anymore. *sigh* He's never had a pet die on him before, I feel so bad. There's really nothing I can do for him, I am not used to that, as a mother. And, I felt really bad putting poor Lukey in the trash, but what else can I do with him in February? I would've buried him. But it's frozen out there. And yes, tomorrow after the dentist, we'll go to Petco and get a new hamster( since I just bought new food and bedding, it seems silly not to have a hamster to go with it). So maybe tomorrow, we'll have a happier Fischer. And I'll tell you about the HP Exhibit( for anyone who actually reads this). But for tonight, I feel like I'm not doing very well at getting away from the winter gloom. And I was trying so hard.