21 April, 2010

Sunday hiking

Going hiking with the kids these days is a rare experience. Between all the sports, school, and other " stuff", there dosen't seem to be as much time for a hike. But we'd gone to visit their Graet Grandpa, and afterwards, Hunter had some places he wanted to show us. So we went. It was fun. This is all behind their grandfather's house in Proctor, and the best part was it didn't rain till later. Speaking of rain, it's very dark in the sky at the moment, we're supposed to get thunderstorms later. I am a bit tired of rain, of course this morning was beautiful, while I was working. Figures.

11 April, 2010

in which I am doing everything but what I am supposed to be...

I've finally managed to get out there and get some pictures of the Spring that has seemed to happen overnite. Either it was too grey, or there was too much going on. I will be glad for the first week of May, school's out! I am so glad to be back in school, don't get me wrong. Having never thought I would/could do anything like this, I'm still kind of surprised at my self. But this week's got so much to do:: an exam in every class, plus a paper due in Anatomy& Physiology. Then, studying for finals two weeks after that. At least the boys are on vacation, no games this week for them. Of course, that's just in one sport, they still have soccer games( which of course I will miss:( ). But no baseball till next week. Hunter has signed up for his sophomore classes this past week, Driver's Ed this summer! I can't believe its that time already. I'm not sure I want to be old enough to have a driving teenager. At least Fischer's still got a couple years.
In other very exciting news, I've got a clothesline! No, really, that's very exciting. It's been 5 or so years since I've had one, and how I've missed hanging things on the line. Craig put it up for me last Tuesday. I can look out my bedroom window and see it, it makes me so happy. Of course, its not the cool, old aluminum vintage retractable one I got at the rummage sale last year, that one proved to be waaay to short to fit anywhere. So I shall give it to my friend Gretchen, who has a very small yard, it should be just right. She has chickens too, I'm a wee bit jealous, but really, what would I do with one more thing to look after!? Fischer now has a fish( named Tom), as well as a gerbil named Emma( poor Jack, our replacement for Luke the hamster, did a runner on Easter morning. Oh yes, he did. Instead of looking for eggs, we were looking for hamster. Never found him. Poor little thing. )I do rather like having a fish again, I must say.
It's off to get my work done, and try to unstuff my poor head, I've got the worst cold ever! I haven't been sick like this in years. sigh. It's really not fair, why couldn't I have gotten it in the winter, when I didn't want to go outside? Ah well, happy Spring to everyone!

03 April, 2010

I can't think of a title for this post...

This is not what it looks like at my house this morning. Today is bright, sunny and smells like spring. Flowers are up, leaves are coming out, and it's going to be 80(!) degrees today. Yesterday we were watching baseball. Things are good. This pic was taken a couple weeks ago, on a drizzly and grey Monday. I am fond of it, for all of that. I simply have not had time to get any pictures even taken, let alone uploaded lately. But soon, soon!, term will be over. Four weeks, in fact. I have never looked forward to summer vacation more. I have so many plans, including going to the lake( a lot!), hiking, camping reading, some sewing projects from A Handmade Home( which I got last winter, and haven't had a chance to make anything from yet), learning to play guitar, and how to knit socks. Maybe some lunch dates with my friends and sister, and getting ready for nursing school in the fall. Things are good.