26 August, 2009

time marches on...

Back to school again. For the first time in nine years, I have not driven to the elementary school. Both kids are at the high school now. How does the time go so quickly, and yet drag at the same time? As I left the parking lot this morning, Fischer had already met up with a friend of his, and he didn't even notice when I drove away. I am glad about that;at least he's not nervous, much. But it struck me as I was leaving, that both my kids are having a very different experience than I did, at that school. Junior high was my own personal hell on earth. As I can look back now, twenty four years later, I see that much of it was more or less my own doing, I was painfully insecure. Too afraid to even talk to upperclassmen! Can you imagine? I didn't know then, that nobody is going to talk to you if you're afraid of your own shadow. Not being involved didn't help either. But there again, I never felt that I would be "good enough" at anything, so I never did anything. A self fullfilling prophecy, I suppose. But a part of it, as well, had to do with my parents getting divorced right around that time. Sometimes it takes me a loooong time to figure things out( go ahead and say, Sarah: DUH!). But in thinking, and hoping that Fischer has a good time in school, made me realize that they are NOT going to have the same experience I did. Kind of makes me want to go do it over. With what I know now, of course.

15 August, 2009

they're all gone..

So the house is all mine this afternoon. The boys are at my Dad's, and Craig had to work in town today. So what does one do with all this (most appreciated) peace and quiet? Whatever one wants. For me, it is more a list of things I am not doing, including driving anywhere, as I have been to town at least two( and sometimes three) times a day, for the last three weeks. I am however, getting my laundry caught up( and being exceedingly jealous of my sister's clothesline!), eating lunch in peace, and enjoying the TV being OFF. I also managed to clean out the fridge( how does it get so gross?), organize my desk, and make a tie-dye T-shirt, from a kit I got at a yard sale. The boys got the same ones for Xmas last year, and I was so glad to find one for me!
I had written a grouchy post the other day, mostly grumbling about the other members of my household. Not all of it, as I must mention that last weekend I was at Sarah's, and we had a wonderful time, going to lunch ( potato and cheddar soup! roast beef in a spinach wrap! I love that we love the same things, and so can share lunch), and finding great bargins( and presents!) at the second-hand shop next to the cafe. So I decided that the bad-mood post had to go. And it went. I don't need to remember those days, y'know. But today is a good day, with a walk with Gretchen to look forward to later( hopefully the mosqutioes will disappear!), and maybe popcorn after.
The pictures are just random bits of niceness from my summer, at the lake, or Sarah's( one of my favorite places to be.)