24 September, 2009

up for air...

Alot of my time these days seems to be at things like this... and less at things like this.
That's alright. I don't really spend much time watching butterflies, you should understand. But things are so very,very busy here, that the time to do something like that is quite rare. I love watching the boys play soccer( the picture is from last nights game, they won 6-1!) , and I am very glad to be back in school, although the exam I have tomorrow is a nerve-wracking proposition! I need to do well so very much, and this is my first real test of how that will work out. But in addition to all that( and housework, my job, my other job, and what else? oh yes, sleep!) I am really enjoying the changing of the seasons. The color is really showing up now, but the days are still warm, the nights just right for a good nights sleep. All over the place, I see signs of Fall. But I'm glad summer's not ready to leave just yet.
Also, as if all I've got going on is not enough, I've joined the vintage swap that Heather at Shivaya Naturals is hosting. ( I hope these links work out, linking is not my strong suit) I've never done one before, but it seemed too much fun to pass up! I'm sure I'll get a chance to enjoy what my partner sends, once term is out. Not too much time for crafting right now, but it will be there.