16 August, 2010

What I did on summer vacation

my cousin's wedding in August
at a (surprise) 60th birthday!


on the lake

at Niagara Falls(American side)

just after crossing the border

at Gramma's( yes I'm in a picture!)

Gramma, after scolding me not to take the picture

It's been sooo busy this summer, with surprise birthday parties, unexpected trips North of the border, weddings, summer basketball, soccer starting, getting ready for school( and trying to conquer the accompanying butterflies in my stomach!) I couldn't believe that it's been two months since I've written anything. My sister and I went to Canada this month to visit our Gramma, it was a wonderful, if too short, trip. We spent the night in Niagara Falls( Canadian side) on the way home, and went to the state park on the American side the next day. I'd only ever been there in the winter, so to see it now,its amazing. We celebrated Craig's mother's 60th birthday, with a sucessfully-pulled-off suprise party, and just this past weekend, celebrated the marriage of my cousin Brian to his fiancee Missie. It was such a beautiful time, I especially loved "Here comes the Bride" played on kazoos by the wedding party. Awesome.Not to mention sneaking off to the lake for an afternoon, getting away to my sister's for a weekend, and spending all my spare time reading, trying to get it in before school starts( in a week!), when I'll be reading nothing but my textbooks. So, on that note, I'm off to visit Forks( again. Yes I know), if I can hear myself think over the clamour of boys in the next room.