14 November, 2009


Today I am giving myself permission to just be. To bake a cake instead of reading another chapter. To work on the afghan I am making for my grandmother instead of writing the essay due on Tuesday.To ( gasp!) Take .A .Nap. I have been so involved in school stuff, work stuff, home stuff, sports stuff, kid stuff. I seriously think I'm losing it, just a little. The boys say I'm never happy anymore. I do believe they're right. Oh no. That is not how I meant for this to be. I thought I could handle "everything" without getting bitchy, or even just too bogged down to enjoy right now. But it's raining( pouring, actually). And the kids are off at practice( basketball this time). So the house is quiet, and the laundry's mostly done. I am going to bake that cake, and later, with my friends, and family, I will eat it too.

How about you? Have you given yourself permission to let things go, a little bit?

07 November, 2009

Rummage Sale!

copper recipe box~ .25!
this was great, a big bag full of vintage calender towels for $1.00

beautiful doilies...

Pyrex! and Tupperware! ~ $3.00!

.sigh. I love this rummage sale. So much great stuff, all for mere pennies. ( quarters ,actually, but whatever)I went with Fischer, whose early morning plans to go hunting with his uncle were scuttled, but he'll make it out there this afternoon. There was a line out the door before it started, and once you got in, it was wall to wall people. Even after an hour, it was still full. But the church that holds it makes thousands of dollars every year. That's a good thing, especially these days. It was a good break from school and house work, but now its back to it.

06 November, 2009

In the thick of it all...

That's how it is these days. I am so so grateful for all that I have( a warm house, good food, healthy children, wonderful hubby), but at the same time, feel so overwhelmed by everything that I need to do, with not enough time to do it all. Classwork, housework, kid stuff, work work, more work work, and people not paying us when they ought to. ( this is a recurring theme.) As hard as I try, sometimes its all too much. I'm not always sure where the strength to go on comes from. I am really glad it does though, no matter what. But on a brighter note, Rummage Sale! Tomorrow! My favorite one of the year.And, going to my Sister's house! in two weeks! SOO can't wait for that. So I will leave you with a pretty picture, and the promise of more this weekend.( from the Rummage Sale!, and maybe a hike if I can squeeze it in.)