30 January, 2010

Moving on...

I can't wait to try the Tunisian Crocheting I found in here!
This one is my favorite, just sooo much cool stuff to try!

SO, it's high time that I posted about the wonderful books that Laura(at a http://asmatteringoflaura.blogspot.com/) sent me. (Sorry about the link, its the only way I can get it to work.) As I've started the Spring term at school( even though its 3 degrees here right now), I will have to put these on hold for a couple months, along with all the other reading I've yet to get to. But, it was great to get this in the mail, there are so many projects that are now on my " must make " list, along with a few that are on the "I can't wait to try that" list as well. The sun is shining brightly this morning, and my household is still sleeping( its not just mothers of small children who wish for their kids to sleep in on a Saturday morning!). I can feel my sadness slowly slipping away, especially as today the only thing I have to do is walk with my friend( long overdue), and get a start on my homework. I found out yesterday that my classes end on 30 April. Woot! Just in time for Spring planting of basil, tomato and marigolds! Also, my sister and I are going to take ( most of) our kids to the Boston Museum of Science, for the Harry Potter exhibit, in February. I love that place.
So, thank you thank you Laura! These books made my day!

20 January, 2010

Too much bad news...

I meant this to be a post about the wonderful books Laura sent me for the Creative Book Swap, ( and I will), but I just can't bring myself to gloat about books right now. My sister/best friend called awhile ago to tell me that her little dog had been hit by a car, and thay couldn't do anything for her, so she had to be put to sleep. It's awful. Ethel was just one of those dogs. You know the ones. They just belong to you, even though they are a family pet. She had Ethel for 3 years. She was a great little dog, not very big, but not one of the yappy little dogs, either. She would jump right up in your lap, as soon as you sat in her chair by the fire. Then when you kicked, I mean gently nudged her out of the way, she would lie down on your feet with a humph.I had one of those dogs. Her name was Mercury, and she was very definitly mine. We got her 2 months before our oldest son was born, and she went everywhere with me, and in a couple months, us. She slept with me, rode everywhere I went, was always right next to me, no matter what. She was put to sleep 3 years and 2 months ago, and sometimes when I walk up on the mountain behind my house, I can still see her following me. My poor sister. She lost her Mercury, and I hate being an hour away from her. Of course, there is nothing I can do to make it better, but at least I' be there. I will see her on Friday, so I guess that will have to do.
A note to all my friends:: please, no more bad news!! I'v had quite enough, thank you. Last week, my friend called with another piece of very bad news( for her, but still, she's quite dear to me, so it hurt me that she was hurting.) With that, and all the horrors in Haiti,I'm coming down with a bad case of the winter blues. * sigh*

12 January, 2010

Happy things...

A few things that are making my day these days:: my new(very soft) organic cotton scarf, that exactly matches my new winter coat( even though I bought the yarn ages ago!)
the promise of Spring on my windowsill::maybe for next year I'll find some vintage forcing vases, a trade, anyone?

And the sun through the icicles on my window, both the sun and the ice make me happy, it's so pretty when I wake up in the morning.
What makes you happy ?

11 January, 2010

Getting things done( or why I love clotheslines)

This is a nonsense post, having nothing to do with anything that's going on in my life, or my head right now. ( and believe me, here is plenty). No, right now its about 10 degrees outside, and does not feel much warmer inside. I hate it when you get cold, and just cannot warm back up. Anyway. This is a picture of the clothesline at my sister's house, last August. We grew up with a clothesline in the summer( our Mom was not so hard-core about it that she used it in the winter!), and we spent alot of time making forts and houses under the sheets hung out to dry. Now, let me just tell you, at this current time, I do not have a clothesline. I used to, until the box elder it was hung on fell over. It never did get put back up, for one reason, or another, and I have had to resort to borowing my 85 year-old neighbors on occasion, because there is nothing like the smell of sheets dried on the line. But No More, I tell you! Last Fall, at the annual rummage sale in town, I bought this aluminum beauty, ( for .25 !). My gramma used to have one off her back deck, anmy sister and I , and all our cousins would have a ball playing under it. So. Now I am dreaming of just the right place for it to go in my yard, and of course, just the right weather for it as well, because now, not so much. But, before I know it, it will be Spring. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.....
Anyone else dreaming of Spring?

04 January, 2010

Books! Books! Books!

Books books. Love my books. These are (most of) the ones that I have, I forgot the two shelves of photo albums in my bedroom, which hold 16 years worth of pics. So I thought that this would go along with the Creative Book Exchange, hosted by Julia. I have been paired with Lily,of Block-a-day. Sorry about no links, but I can never get them to work. I guess I am technologically challenged. ( is there a book for that?) So exciting. My DH is getting me a shiny new bookcase for Christmas, even though its January. I really need it, the stacks are threatening to take over. His answer to that for awhile was to have less books. Can you imagine? Silly man. Anyway, I'm off to make my tea, and read ! I borrowed The Hound Of the Baskervilles from my sister( we went to see Sherlock Holmes this weekend, awesome!) I realized I've never read Arthur Conan Doyle! I couldn't believe it either. So, now , something new to read, Library here I come!