09 June, 2011


This morning I remembered what it felt like to be 9+ months pregnant. The heavy, heavy belly. The way I had to walk, with my poor feet so swollen I couldn't bend my ankles or toes. The funny thing is, its been 16 years since I was like that. How can he be that old already? I was so young, only 21. Of course now, I think of things I would have done differently. That's always the way. It was still good though. Sometimes I can remember being 16 myself like it was only a couple years ago. So many things I would have told my 16 year old self, but I wouldn't have listened. Sometimes I don't feel qualified to be the parent of teenagers. My teens were so different than theirs are, their father's teen years too. But we seem to be doing a pretty good job so far, I hope.

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